In my bag.


Some things in life go hand-in-hand. Strawberries and cream, Laurel and Hardy, and, er… fashion blogs and ‘what’s in my bag’ posts?! Well, yeah!  I have always enjoyed reading other people’s posts, so I thought I’d hot-foot it onto the blogger band-wagon. And why not?!

This isn’t a bag I use everyday, as I’d be heart afraid of something happening to it! But I’m excited to show you this buttery leather beauty from See by Chloe.  It’s so beautifully made; I love the shape, size and the little details. It’s a piece of art. ‘See’ what’s in my bag… ‘See’ what I did there? Okay I’ll stop now…


1. Radley purse.
2. Car keys – I drive a Fiat Punto Go! I call her (yes, her) Black Beauty.  ;)  My keyring is from the London 2012 Olympics – very London, with a red bus, postbox, telephone box and 2012 logo.
3. Models Own Lipstix and YSL Touche Éclat. This twist-up lip stick is a great colour, and perfect for everyday wear.  I always carry Touche Éclat with me too; it’s a wonder product.
4. Orla Kiely notebook – for my ‘to do’ lists, doodling and jotting down any ideas that come to mind!
5. iPhone with Laura Ashley cover.
6. I carry a book around with me in case I get some quiet time.  At the moment I’m reading ‘Bonjour Tristesse’, which I bought in Shakespeare and Company in Paris.

I’d love to see your bags and what’s in ’em too! x





Monochrome with a pop of gold

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m entering ‘throwback’ territory, sharing these pictures taken in *cough* September *splutter*. Still, I’ll be cracking out this outfit again soon, as it’s cold-weather friendly with some trusty 100 deniers and a ribbed polo neck. Paired with this smart black blazer gives it a dressy edge.

You may recognise the shorts from my Paris post, when a lady from Christian Dior complimented them and told me how houndstooth was the print that made the designer famous! I love the double zips.

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much of a hat person I am. Berets, bowlers, fedoras… I’m rarely spotted without something on my noggin! So when I spotted this little head adornment I had to give it a home. 


It was a very blustery day.  Windswept and, uhm, interesting? … Ahem! x

Eau de Parfum

I believe that the sense of smell is a very powerful thing.  Not only is it simply pleasant on the nose… it also evokes memories and can immediately conjure up thoughts of people, places or times-gone-by.  How magical is that?

Many people have a signature scent that they are solely devoted to, but I can’t help but stray and love to discover new scents; why stick to one when there are so many beautiful fragrances to enjoy?  These are a few of my favourites from my collection.


COCO MADEMOISELLE is a long-time favourite of mine; it reminds me of mum, as years ago when I first started to wear perfume, she shared with me her bottle of Coco Mademoiselle.  In my opinion it’s Chanel’s most beautiful scent, a classic.  We have a bottle of the fresh moisture mist, a great alternative to the pricey EDP (although a bottle of this is firmly on my wishlist), the scent lingers beautifully.


MISS DIOR CHÉRIE, now just known as Miss Dior.  Fun, playful and sweet, I loved it from the moment I first sampled it.  The advert by Sofia Coppola was so whimsical and lovely; I was sold. This one for me evokes memories of final year in university; I graduated, grew a lot as a person and found true love, all while being Miss-Dior-Cherie-scented.  Although my bottle is empty, it has a little place on my shelves – sentimental fool I am (and a sucker for a pretty bottle, too).


CHLOÉ is the latest edition to my collection and a very welcome one.  Courtesy of my folks at Christmas, this was a fragrance that I had been admiring for quite some time. (Think not being able to pass the Chloe counter in House of Fraser without a quick spritz.) It’s my perfume of the moment; it’s perfect for any occasion and lasts all day, though I try and save it for the weekend! Very special.


JIMMY CHOO – looks can be deceiving.  I’m not a fan of snakeskin, let alone pink snakeskin, so at first glance the box of this perfume did not exactly entice me to explore further. That was until complimenting a cousin on her perfume and discovering it was Jimmy Choo; soon I have a bottle of my own. It’s a chypre fruity fragrance, glamorous and feminine without being too sweet; sure to become a classic.

I’d love to hear what your favourites are too! x